Work in progress…

This website, like me, is a continuous work in progress.

I try hard not to criticise or judge it.

This isn’t always easy.

I try to appreciate its kinks, its “flaws”, its miscommunication, dodgy links and its technical errors.

I try to learn from them rather than lament or feel let down by them.

I am learning to be patient with its aesthetic inconsistencies and embrace the journey of developing it.

I am trying to not compare it to, nor mirror it on, anything else I see on or offline.

I take pride it making it more authentic, more genuine to me and my voice, my feelings, my thoughts.

I accept that it will not be universally welcomed nor collectively shunned.

I appreciate that others will have opinions, thoughts, views, praise and criticism for it. I will listen to it all.

I will try to listen without defensiveness, without indulgence.

Just listening, contemplating and reflecting on what I am told.

This website, like me, is a work in progress…

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