Ommm In The Office…

Awaken your day with “deskward facing” dogs; invigorate mind and body with lunchtime sun salutations or harmonise body and mind in the evening with guided meditation in the workplace.

Each corporate class is suitable for all levels of yoga and the size, style and time length of class can vary depending on your needs and the available space.

As well as having positive impact on individual employee well-being, Ommm In The Office can:

  • Increase focus and attention to detail.
  • Help elevate performance levels.
  • Help reduce injuries and health implications, both physical and mental, associated with some office environments.
  • Strengthen team morale, motivation and commitment.
  • Help promote positive attitude towards work-life balance.

Previous “Om” company clients include: TK Maxx, BumbleZest, Aarhus University, Cryptomathic A/S and CarWow – Get in touch to see how Om in the Office could benefit your working environment. 

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