Hi! I’m Angie and The Wee Yogini is a nod to both my yoga roots and my (sometimes) less flexible Scottish ones…

I began practising yoga, long before I put a foot on a mat. The majority of my “yoga” continues to exist off the mat.

With time, patience and practice my physical asana practice continues to grow in strength and diversity; progressing organically with my psychological, emotional and spiritual adventures.

Everybody’s body is different.

With a diverse and competent background in various forms of yoga practices, life coaching, trauma and somatic attachment theory, functional range movement, psychology, mindful meditation, TCM theory, chakra methodology and ayurveda principles, I create coaching sessions and group movement practices that acknowledge individual body differences, contribute to strengthening and conditioning the body and the mind. 

Primarily I focus on body energetics and encouraging a sense of embodied self-awareness, compassion and care.

Yoga is not a thing I do, but a facet in exploring who I am.

For me, this is also explored by:

Travel, snowboarding, being in nature, listening to music, talking about human behaviour, writing, cultivating real connections with people and the occasional rant about society-imposed concepts…